Australian Burl Bulk Buy – by the pound


Price is per pound

  • 1-9 Pounds @ $11.00/lb
  • 10-24 lbs @ $10.00/lb
  • 25-49 lbs @ $9.00/lb
  • 50-99 lbs @ $8.00/lb
  • 100+ lbs @ $7.00/lb

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If you’re in the market for a large load of Red Mallee, Brown Mallee or Red Coolibah, here is your opportunity to save big!

What you can expect:

Sold as whole burl caps. We will try to get as close to your requested weight as possible without additional cutting of a burl or coming up short on your weight (that means if we can’t get it exact, you’ll get a little extra). Each burl was marked with the weight in kilograms at the time of original purchase. All sales will be based off the conversion rate of 1kg = 2.2 lbs. Since 1kg actually equals a little more than 2.2 lbs, this works in your favor. The burls have been drying and will likely show a little drop in weight. For this reason, the weight was clearly marked on each burl when it was originally sold and all sales will be based on that weight. If a burl is not clearly labeled, it will be sold based on current weight. No estimations will be made. Sizes listed in the details are for shipping calculations only and do not represent the actual size burl you will receive.


Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in

Mix of available, Red Mallee, Red Coolibah, Brown Mallee


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