Loganberry (Rambutan) Burl 3/4 Inch Pen Blanks 5 Pack

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Loganberry or Rambutan Burl – 3/4″ pen blanks.  A beautiful dense wood.

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Loganberry (Rambutan) An Asian evergreen which produces an eatable fruit. Commonly grown throughout Southeast Asia. The most common wild variety is found in Indonesia and Malaysia. Only the female variety of the plant will produce fruit. The largest producer of the fruit is Thailand. 97% of the world’s supply of Rambutan fruit comes from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. As a farm crop and a garden fruit tree, Rambutan is certainly considered a sustainable resource with the lowest risk value (lc) assigned. Wiki  

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Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 5 x .75 x 4 in


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