2018 Scrap Bin Challenge!






MAY 31 – Registration closed

June 1st – challenge boxes are mailed

June 30th – Deadline for submissions


We have chosen to host a maker’s challenge. We will have several categories. Winners will be chosen in each by public opinion. Winners (and if enough entries are made, a top set of winners) will be entered into a final “Best in Show” contest for the grand prize.


As of right now, the categories are as follows:

Pen Making (kit class)- This contest will include a box of materials and a pen kit. A blank must be created in some manner from the materials provided to make a (most likely, but subject to change) Sierra or slimline style pen using the provided components. This can be segmented, cast, or whatever creative ideas you’ve got.

Pen Making (Open Class) – A more free style open class for kitless pens or bring your own high end kit. The contest box will include enough materials to make anything from a kitless pen to an emperor kit.

Knife Making – This is a bring your own steel class. This contest isn’t about the steel, it’s about how you dress it, so purchased steel blanks are allowed.

Blank Making (segmenting) – a contest box of fun materials to show off your best segmenting skills. Using ONLY the materials in the contest box, construct a segmented blank. Post results of your finished blank, which may be squared up or turned round. Photos of Finished pens will not be shown until after the contest is over or will be cropped to show only a rounded blank.


If there’s enough interest – the following categories are being considered:

If you are interested in one of these, see the request form below before entry.

Blank Making (stabilizing) – This is a class for dye stabilizing. There will be a couple pieces of material to dye/stabilize a pen blank.

Calls – duck, turkey, goose… box, pot or trumpet… all can be considered if there is enough interest. Either as one category or several.



1. ALL contest entries must use and be constructed from the contents of the challenge box as much as possible. We will be going to considerable effort to ensure there are no unfair advantages between the boxes, so keep it fair and don’t bring your own advantage. Adhesives, simple additions such as thin laminate strips, or simple additions required to make an idea work and do not account for more than about 5% of the over all submission.

2. Voting is anonymous!!! DO NOT SHARE PHOTOS OF YOUR ENTRY BEFORE CONTEST RESULTS HAVE BEEN MADE PUBLIC!!!! Showing off your entry before voting has completed will ruin the anonymous voting and you will likely be disqualified.

3. HAVE FUN!!!  seriously! This is a rule and the point of it all. it’s a box of stuff. The first 100 contestants to sign up will pay nothing… after that, all I ask is assistance with the shipping. What have you got to lose?

4. Give accurate information on the forms and fill them out completely. We’ll need the contact info if you win. Other than for the specific purpose of this contest, your email will not be used for marketing, shared with outside parties or held on to for newsletters etc. (unless you want that sort of thing, and then I’d be happy to include you… but only if you say so)


This is the best outline of the concept I have at this time. We’ve never done this before and I’m sure suggestions, requests and possibly even (HINT HINT) sponsorship, may help us to improve the contest along the way. I reserve the right to make subtle changes as this develops. Updates will be posted here on the site and sent via registered email to all contestants.


After having several requests to make contributions toward this event, I’ve set up a special way to collect them in whatever amount you choose. All contributions will be used to fund free postage, perhaps improve the challenge boxes a bit and any remaining funds collected will be used to award prizes.

You may use this PayPal button to donate:


4 thoughts on “2018 Scrap Bin Challenge!

  1. At this point… We are still doing this with no shipping charges! The point is to be fun, so free to play is my goal as much as possible here.

  2. I’m assuming the finished product gets sent back to you? Not just a picture correct? Before 6/30

    1. Just pictures. There will be a submission form put up in the next week or so to upload photos and descriptions. The materials and projects are everyone’s to keep.

      1. Has this been cancelled? Or am I just not seeing the submission form with only 3 days left.

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