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Charity Auction on What the Blank

Tonight we are doing a Charity Benefit auction for a veteran in need. All money brought in tonight will go to the veteran. Many donators and contributors to this auction are offering free shipping. Not all but many. All invoices will come straight from Shed Life. If shipping charges are due you may get an invoice from the individual donating that item. Shed Life items will not be offered with free shipping (sorry guys, I’m sure many of you understand why we cannot do that though.)

Here is where you will find all the pictures of donations being made. There is one thing we do not have pictures for. Carey File is putting up a set of protective eye wear. Done in your prescription (must have your prescription) or just protective eye wear. All lens and coatings are covered. He is also offering to cover 1 free fitting as well as free shipping. This offer is good up to $400. We have a pdf catalog we will email to the winner.

We’re starting the auction with guest host Jonathan Blair. He’s offering a Honduran Rosewood Burl hybrid (blue), a piece of Manzanita Spirit Wood, Gator Jaw Knife scales and Thuya burl Hybrid (orange).

African Blackwood Burl Knife Scales courtesy of Jason Greer.

1/2″ x 2″ x 7″ – FREE Shipping


Black & White Ebony Burl Short Pen Blank courtesy of Francisco Santana.

FREE Shipping

Box Elder Burl courtesy of Jake Bishop.

20″ wide, 32″ tall, 1 3/8″ thick. FREE Shipping


Size 8 Titanium Ring with carbon fiber design, courtesy of Nic Brasher. If a different size is needed or wanted, or a different pattern, this can become a custom order. However, it will probably not arrive until sometime in January. – FREE Shipping

Snakewood Piece courtesy of Ward Wester.

10″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″ – FREE stabilization from Shed Life is offered on this piece. FREE shipping.


Custom Cast Pen Blank with Brown Mallee Burl from Christopher Gonzales.

Picture is an example only. Pick your own colors, up to 4. – FREE Shipping

Dan Pompe Pen Blank with Brown Mallee Burl with VooDoo. – FREE Shipping


Custom Cast Pen Blank with Cottonwood Burl from Christopher Gonzales.

Picture is an example only. Pick your own colors, up to 4. – FREE Shipping

Dan Pompe Pen Blank with Brown Mallee and Gold Digger pour. – FREE Shipping


Buckeye Burl Custom Cast Pen Blank from Christopher Gonzales.

Picture is an example only. Pick your own colors, up to 4. – FREE Shipping

Claro Walnut Custom Cast Pen Blank from Neil Tremblett.

Your choice of up to 3 colors. – FREE Shipping

Deer Antler Custom Cast Pen Blank from Neil Tremblett.

Your choice of up to 3 colors. – FREE Shipping

Pinecones Custom Cast Pen Blank from Neil Tremblett.

Pick up to 3 colors. – FREE Shipping

SOS from Shed Life. There will be 4 lots.

2 gallons together.

1 gallon.

1 gallon dyed your choice.

4 quarts dyed your choice.

Lot of 8 Tulipwood 3/4″ Pen Blanks from Shed Life.

Tulipwood Knife Scales 1″ x 1″ x 5 1/2″ from Shed Life.

Red Coolibah Burl Cap from Shed Life.

Fountain and rollerball Pen set made from a Dan Pompe blank. Made by Kenneth Bandoly. – FREE Shipping.

Ringed Gidgee Burl Call Blank 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 6″, from Shed Life.

Box of B Blanks (106 pieces), from Shed Life.

2 Blackwood Burl Pen Blanks, courtesy of Michael Goldsmith. – FREE Shipping

4 Centerband Monarch Pen Kits (one gunmetal/chrome, one gunmetal/gold, one gunmetal/antique copper, one gunmetal/antique bronze), courtesy of Jim & Angie Pratt of Signature Pen Supply.

Dave Mudge Pen Blank – Stabilized Maple 3/4″ x 5 1/4″

Dave Mudge Pen Blank – Stabilized Maple 3/4″ x 5 1/4″

Dave Mudge – Pen Blank w/ Cholla 3/4″ x 5 1/4″

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What Does Stabilization Really Mean?

Download entire article as a PDF

There are a few different doctrines to which one might follow. There are some “tribal” definitions or interpreted uses of the terminology to pertain specifically to the application and intended use. For instance, defines it as such: “wood that has been impregnated with a chemical stabilizing solution. This stabilized wood can then be worked with normal wood working tools.” Note the broad use of “chemical stabilizing solution” in the definition. They do not limit this to acrylates.


Why would we want to stabilize wood? Simple, if you’ve ever seen a beautiful piece of wood rendered unusable due to cracking and checking, you know why. We want to prevent the movement within the wood from damaging our often expensive pieces. Wood will swell and shrink along 3 axis at different rates. The longitudinal direction has almost no appreciable change in most species. The radial and tangential directions however can move 30-100 times more than the longitudinal direction and they do not do so equally. The difference in shrinkage between tangential and radial directions can split a piece of wood apart or warp it drastically as the water escapes the cells within the wood and the wood begins to dry. To prevent this, we must look at several methods by which we can make our wood more “stable” or “stabilize” our wood.

Continue reading What Does Stabilization Really Mean?

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Wednesday Special – It’s Raining TruStone!

We’ve been all about the wood lately, so this week we’re doing something different. All TruStone Pen Blanks are discounted. Gold blanks are marked down to $15. All others are marked down to $12. Gold B Blanks are marked down to $10. All other B Blanks are marked down to $8. Perfect chance to stock up on TruStone or to try TruStone for the first time. This sale will wash away Saturday May 27!

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May 2017 – Wednesday Special

We are very excited to bring you a new promotion from Shed Life. This week kicks off our new weekly Wednesday special!

This week’s special is on Bocote and Jobillo.

For the 5th month of the year, we’re having a $5 sale. Starting this Wednesday night through this Saturday, we will be selling Bocote packs and Jobillo packs of blanks for $5 each.

$5 Blank Packs! Save up to 60% on Bocote and Jobillo!!!

Bocote 3/4 Inch Pen Blanks 4 Pack

Bocote – Figured 7/8 inch Pen Blank – 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 3/4 Inch Pen Blanks; 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 7/8 Inch Pen Blanks; 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 1 x 1 x 12


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Ant Blanks Are Here!!!

Shed Life Ant Hill Blanks

We’ve put in some extra hours this weekend to get these ready for you. Up for sale now are 15 new Ant Hill blanks in 3 colors. We’ve taken the time to photograph all 4 sides and list them individually for you, so you can select the exact blank you will receive.

Ant Hill Blanks – Blue/Green

Ant Hill Blanks – Fire Ant

Ant Hill Blanks – Purple / Orange

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Stock up on this weekend’s sales

New Sale Items

As we continue to grow and add more products, we thank you all for the support and patronage. While we do enjoy all the sales on Amazon, there is an overhead there and we would like to bring your attention to our own site. Without the overhead we are able to keep our prices an average of 20% lower on our own site compared to the same product on Amazon. Our product inventory is synced, so you’ll always see an accurate availability no matter your shopping preference. It has been a lot of work to offer Amazon Prime to most of the East Coast, but there are fees and we have to cover the cost of shipping in our Prime prices.

Free shipping on orders $25 or more (reduced from $50)

Here are a few of the items on sale this week. Thank you again for all the support! We are following a dream and owe it all to you!

If you haven’t purchased from our website yet, use promo code Welcome15 for an additional 15% off!!! Offer valid once per customer. Does not have to be your first order.

TruStone from $15

Select colors of TruStone marked down as low as $15 for standard colors and $20 for gold colors. Here’s just a few:

TruStone Pen Blank – Red Jasper
TruStone Pen Blank – Banded Malachite
TruStone Pen Blank – Gaspeite Green
TruStone Pen Blank – Mexican Agate
TruStone Pen Blank – #20 W/Gold Matrix
TruStone Pen Blank – White W/Gold Matrix
TruStone Pen Blank – White W/Gold Web


Loganberry (Rambutan) Burl 3/4 Inch Pen Blank 5 Pack $9.00
Red Coolibah Burl Pen Blanks – 2 Pack $15
Brown Mallee Burl Pen Blanks – 2 Pack $15

Figured Wood

Bocote – Figured 7/8″ inch Pen Blank – 3 Pack $12.00
Figured Chechen 3/4 Inch Pen Blank – 5 Pack $10.80 – 40% off Amazon price!


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Products, Servers and Sales, Oh MY! – 2017 Feb 19 Newsletter

Rambutan Burl

Amazon Prime, we got it!

First of all, thank you to all who purchased from us this year on Amazon. Shed Life has been authorized as an accredited Seller Fulfilled Prime store. After only 30 days of trials and evaluation, we passed in all metrics with perfect marks. Almost 60 days ahead of schedule! From now on, most of our products will be listed on Amazon Prime in the Southeast region of the US. Free 1-2 day shipping and great low prices on most everything we sell.

New Servers, New Stores, New Products

Last week our previous website crashed. In our mission to provide the best possible customer service and easy access to the products you need, it was time to upgrade our infrastructure. We have abandoned our old hosting provider and deployed our own web servers. Our entire online presence has been rebuilt from the ground up. With more ways than ever to find the products you need, we have also assembled a B2B site for our wholesale accounts and inventory management that will keep everything in sync. Now, more than ever, you can buy with confidence. No matter how you buy from us, you will be looking at accurate inventory amounts. While it has never been an issue before, we are now spending less time keeping everything updated and more time finding more products and getting them out the door.

The B2B site is fully stocked. Therefore, if you sell pen blanks and wood turning supplies, email us or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get your wholesale account set up. The best deals and no minimums for anything in stock.

Thank you

To everyone who has supported us, we thank you. You are helping us make a dream come true and we can’t tell you enough how grateful we are.

Featured Products this week

TruStone Turquoise with Gold Matrix

Select TruStone pen blanks on sale

New Products – Loganberry Burl

African Mahogany

Mahogany pen blanks

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A new home on the web

New Website

We are very excited to announce the completion of our new site. This web page will continue to be updated and new features added on a daily basis. Features such as Amazon Pay and Sign in with Amazon are coming soon. The new site is up and fully operational with all the same amazing blanks and turning supplies as before and new products. In addition to our current stock, we are adding new turning products this week in every store.

Thank you everyone for all the support!