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May 2017 – Wednesday Special

We are very excited to bring you a new promotion from Shed Life. This week kicks off our new weekly Wednesday special!

This week’s special is on Bocote and Jobillo.

For the 5th month of the year, we’re having a $5 sale. Starting this Wednesday night through this Saturday, we will be selling Bocote packs and Jobillo packs of blanks for $5 each.

$5 Blank Packs! Save up to 60% on Bocote and Jobillo!!!

Bocote 3/4 Inch Pen Blanks 4 Pack

Bocote – Figured 7/8 inch Pen Blank – 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 3/4 Inch Pen Blanks; 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 7/8 Inch Pen Blanks; 4 Pack

Jobillo (Tigerwood) 1 x 1 x 12


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Stock up on this weekend’s sales

New Sale Items

As we continue to grow and add more products, we thank you all for the support and patronage. While we do enjoy all the sales on Amazon, there is an overhead there and we would like to bring your attention to our own site. Without the overhead we are able to keep our prices an average of 20% lower on our own site compared to the same product on Amazon. Our product inventory is synced, so you’ll always see an accurate availability no matter your shopping preference. It has been a lot of work to offer Amazon Prime to most of the East Coast, but there are fees and we have to cover the cost of shipping in our Prime prices.

Free shipping on orders $25 or more (reduced from $50)

Here are a few of the items on sale this week. Thank you again for all the support! We are following a dream and owe it all to you!

If you haven’t purchased from our website yet, use promo code Welcome15 for an additional 15% off!!! Offer valid once per customer. Does not have to be your first order.

TruStone from $15

Select colors of TruStone marked down as low as $15 for standard colors and $20 for gold colors. Here’s just a few:

TruStone Pen Blank – Red Jasper
TruStone Pen Blank – Banded Malachite
TruStone Pen Blank – Gaspeite Green
TruStone Pen Blank – Mexican Agate
TruStone Pen Blank – #20 W/Gold Matrix
TruStone Pen Blank – White W/Gold Matrix
TruStone Pen Blank – White W/Gold Web


Loganberry (Rambutan) Burl 3/4 Inch Pen Blank 5 Pack $9.00
Red Coolibah Burl Pen Blanks – 2 Pack $15
Brown Mallee Burl Pen Blanks – 2 Pack $15

Figured Wood

Bocote – Figured 7/8″ inch Pen Blank – 3 Pack $12.00
Figured Chechen 3/4 Inch Pen Blank – 5 Pack $10.80 – 40% off Amazon price!