Avodire 7/8″ Pen Blanks – 4 Pack

7/8″ x 7/8″ x 5 1/2″ Avodire Pen Blanks – 4 Pack

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Avodire (Turraenthus africanus) Sourced from the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Avodire is said to be the most beautiful of all blonde woods. Sometimes called a “Blonde Mahogany,” Avodire has many of the same characteristics and workability of Mahogany. The shimmer and shine of Avodire is very similar to what you would find in true Mahoganies. The two species are somewhat related since both are in the Meliaceae family. Great for turning, sands well and holds virtually any finish. This is a beautifully simple and elegant wood. Color of the wood is a pale yellow or cream color and will darken with age to a golden yellow. Grain pattern often presents a wavy, mottled or rippled effect with a shimmering chatoyance. All of our current Avodire stock comes from the personal collection of the man who got me started in woodworking, the greatest teacher and the one our kids call Pappa.

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