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I believe this is the best way to plug your tubes or allow your glue to set. Impervious to most adhesives, CA and epoxy will not stick! I’ve been using polymer clay to plug my tubes for gluing for years. It works great, it never air dries and it’s reusable time and time again. In fact, I’m still using the same hunk of polymer clay I started with several years ago. Having a flat surface to set my blanks on while the glue sets is very useful, but I’ve had glue leak out and stick my blanks to everything from paper plates to the workbench itself. This tray is easy to stash away in a drawer, on a shelf or under a lathe. Only .25″ thick, yet durable enough to take a beating with a hammer (no I don’t recommend it, but it can take it), the brass tubes will not damage it and neither will CA. Epoxy just peels right off. If you are handling many blanks at once, you could easily use the smaller 2″x2″ mixing bowl for the poly clay and line up as many blanks as you can fit in the 3″x5″ space. If that isn’t enough space to let your blanks cure, flip it over for a flat glue-proof* surface about 6″x6″. *The glue-proof claim is made for all common types of glue used in pen turning, from expanding urethane like a brand with a gorilla on it, to CA and epoxy. This does not include specialty glues intended for plastic welding. Since I’ve never heard of anyone using such things for pen blanks, I think it’s safe to say your choice of glue won’t stick! Station includes polymer clay and mixing sticks

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