SOS 3.0

The most advanced stabilizing resin available just got better! We’ve made it water clear, achieved faster penetration and saturation, created an easier cure with the least amount of bleedout possible and reduced surface tension for the least amount of foam up during the initial vacuum of any resin on the market. But, we didn’t stop there! We’ve improved our molecular design to form more bonds within the wood and dye without breaking the polymer chains. Our proprietary cross linking formula bonds even better for a total mesh like polymer matrix. This cross linking blocks points where water can bond in the wood, includes the natural polymers that wood is made of and creates a more flexible polymer matrix unlike anything else.

More flexibility? yes, the cross linked matrix maintains a memory and is less brittle than other polymers on the market.

Does that affect hardness? No, it’s just as hard and solid. Comparable in hardness to casting resin once cured, the flexibility improves performance when you’re turning or cutting your stabilized wood. It makes it far more durable and stronger.

Can I mix this with my old resin? Sure. They are quite compatible, however you won’t see all the benefits of the new SOS 3.0 version. The older resin will dilute it, but you may notice some improvement depending on what ratios you mix them at. It won’t hurt a thing.


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Home Stabilizing resin has been slow to evolve. We have pushed the science forward and produced the best tool for you to use in your own stabilizing needs. No need to send your blanks off to someone else to stabilize, now you can achieve better results yourself.

SOS 3.0 is a heat cure stabilization resin for impregnating wood and other porous materials. Soap and water cleanup – safe to clean your chamber and containers in your kitchen sink. Eco friendly non-toxic Hardens soft and punky wood Protects wood from movement due to water and changes in humidity. Works great with all the same dye you’ve been using for stabilized/dyed wood.

Wood is always gaining or losing moisture which puts it at risk of cracking or damage. Stabilized wood and other materials can last for generations. SOS 3.0 can make your products the best, most durable and most desired be virtually eliminating this natural weakness.  We push the innovation and chemistry to maximize your results and make it a much easier so you can focus on what you enjoy most. If you want to produce the best possible product for your customers, we are here for you. From our laboratory to answering your questions, we do everything we can to help you achieve the best possible results in your own shop.

SOS (pronounced sauce) is the “secret SOS” you need to rescue your wood. The proprietary formula used exclusively by Shed Life for stabilization services is now available to you. Get yours today and start discovering the magic of SOS yourself.

No need to change anything; if you’ve been stabilizing wood in a vacuum chamber with another resin, you’re already familiar with the process.

12 month shelf life if stored in 75 degrees or lower and out of direct sunlight!

Use of more than 1oz/gal of Alumilite dye is not recommended. Too much will not improve your results and could over activate your resin.

Use of aniline dye may affect cure times. It may be necessary to cure at 220F and may take a bit longer than usual.

Stabilization is a process. Resin is just one part of the process. If your results are not as desired, get in touch with us. There may be other issues or ways to improve your results.


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