TruStone B Blanks

We have lots of “B” blanks. Basically all this means is they either don’t match up to a perfect 3/4″ square cut or the cut was off by a bit or they taper slightly. These are definitely great options for pens. Some are longer than 5″ but most are 5″ long.



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TruStone is a pliable stone pen blank. Made from stabilized crushed stone, this material can be used on a wood lathe with hand chisels. TruStone requires no extra finish and can be polished to a smooth finish just like an acrylic blank. Warming the finished blank with a hair dryer or similar will make the material softer and less likely to crack during pen assembly.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .75 × .75 in

Medium Lapis w/ Pyrite, Dark Lapis w/ Pyrite, Chilean Lapis, Banded Malachite, Varasite Web, Blue River Agate, Asian Pink Coral, Purple MOP, Banded Ivory, Mexican Agate, Red Dino Bone, Red Jasper, #20 Turquoise w/ Gold Matrix, #40 Turquoise w/ Gold Matrix, Red w/ Gold Matrix, Red w/ Gold Web, White w/ Gold Matrix, White w/ Gold Web, Black w/ Gold Matrix, Black w/ Gold Web


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